A message from Shaikh ‘Isam Rajab.


Shaikh ‘Isam Rajab

Founder, AREES Institute

Post September 11th, there has been an overwhelming demand by many Islamic Centers in America for qualified Imams and religious leaders. Traditionally, a community brings an Imam from the Middle East or Asia to fill the position. Although Imams recruited in this fashion were adequately trained in Islamic history, they had insufficient knowledge of American culture and the English language / locale.

The book of Allah teaches us that all messengers sent to the people were able to speak the native language. This lesson shows that, to be effective, current Islamic teachers and messengers must be part of the community where one is working. Thus, it is critical that our new generation of teachers and leaders speak the local language.

At AREES University, we are aware there is a shortage of Islamic organizations and institutions providing these services. While some uncoordinated examples can be found, we are one of the rare Islamic Universities that teaches Islam in English on site as well as online full time. Additionally, many students would like to study Islam at a traditional Islamic university, yet they are unable to pay the high costs of traveling outside the United States . AREES University provides a solution to this common problem with our location in Houston, one of the largest cities in North America . Additionally students not able to take the physical classes onsite are able to take the exact classes in real time online. Tuition at traditional Islamic universities also presents a tremendous obstacle to students. AREES University keeps these entrance costs low since our goal is not so much the “tuition”, but producing high-quality classes as well as ensuring the student’s commitment to the program.

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