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Assalamu Alaikum,

The nations have experienced many kinds of systems. Many of these systems glorify the individual not the posse not the individual. As these systems have vacillated between the morality and materialism, the world has witnessed many hard economic crises through the last centuries which resulted in many world wars.

The Islamic economics has developed along with many other sciences. The development of the Islamic banks and insurance companies which have been developed by a unique financial regulation. It includes a conscious social responsibility. halal products’ such as food, clothes, and makeup have developed. They are accompanied by changing to halal lifestyle such as swimming and traveling. Many hotels and lodges which fit the Islamic Sharia.

Since the private education and scientific research are the locomotive work fields and applications, an education infrastructure, are more rehabilitated to benefit of the development on all levels. The high education is the container of the cognitive development and it is observed, emits the main motive to the search movement. 

655 scientific researches in the Islamic financial were observed through the past three years. There are 354 articles reviewed academically. Malaysia is classified as the first in the Islamic financial research’s amount. The United Kingdom in the second place. Whereas United States is in the third place.

Whereas in teaching the Islamic banking, the UK is classified as the first in the world. It has 60 educational foundations beside 22 universities offer specialized degree in their respective. Malaysia has the second rank containing 50 Educational foundations and 18 universities. While UAE has the third rank, it has 31 foundations that offer linking courses. And the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has the fourth rank worldly, it offers 22 linking sides to the Islamic Banking.

Here is AREES University has inspired its name from Arees well in Al-Madina Al-Monowra which is honored by the prophet Mohammad SAWS. From Texas in United States, it overlooks to be one of the most special educational foundation in this field. AREES University established in 2006 and left, in teaching the Islamic sharia and its sciences in English. It started its activities across the world using Electronic Educational techniques and the region’s centers. It shares in rebuilding the Islamic monument through our specialized collages in teaching the Islamic studies in English, Spain, and Arabic, Economics & Management sciences, Quality sciences, Media, and Education.

Muslims constitute the quarter of the earth population. Their population growth is 1.5% compared to the other world population with 0.7% and with an average growth of the total local yielding of the 57 Islamic Cooperation Organization member countries. Muslims constitute the most of their population with 6.3% growth yearly compared with 5.3% to the rest of the world countries according to the expectations of the International Monetary Fund in the 2013-2018. The Islamic yielding quantity in branch of this economics reach more than 8 trillion dollar.

Islamic environment is not private any more. The international environment becomes its sponsor. Multinational global companies share in the Islamic economic. One of that big banks, Deutsche bank, HSBC bank, City bank and others of working banks in the finance. And big international companies like Nestle, Carrefour international commercial stores series in introducing halal food, Sunsilk and others. Furthermore, some of them lead the Islamic economic development as Nestle, which own 150 factories obtaining degrees in making halal food of 468 factories around the world. It offer more than 300 kinds of halal food drinks in more than 50 countries. The international store series Carrefour and Tesco and others of big and others of big global commercial brand marks witness too much growth in offering halal food in many markets.

The Islamic norms emerged during of global focus on work moralities and social responsibility. It provide its worthily through the last global crisis and beyond that. The safety of the Islamic economic organization from the last global crisis draw attention to them as a strong and hard base enables them to face the crisis. The Islamics economic emerge in an universal pattern as a pioneer model. It opens new prospects that the global world may make use of it after is missteps and tumbles have increased. Global changes provide chances and developments, and the markets’ needs to meet the new types in the business and consumption market. It also, represents the necessity of applying the Islamic economic idea of targeting 6 billion persons living in the world. Many statistics support this, here are some of them:

1. The growth of Islamic assets 50%.

2. Demanding for the Islamic financial 50%.

3. The justice and moral dimension which promotes he real economic fields and the lasting development.

4. halal cosmetics market increase to 19 billion dollar yearly.

5. halal food market increase to 685 billion dollar yearly.

6. Islamic tourist market increase to 120 billion dollar yearly.

Moreover, the segments of this economic face many challenges. One of these, the inability of achieving the desired quantification and efficiency. In the shade of the Islamic principles, communities should hold their ways and styles. All that connected to the endeavoring to find finance to all these expansions and meeting the culture favorite contrast. The absence of the international brands and organizational frameworks in the halal sectors, and clear specification, and the censored procedures a great challenge. This challenge leads to the necessity of laying accepted norms and measurements globally, and to achieve the legal acceptance and the young communities in every in every manufacture’s criteria to remove any faking or cheating could happen.

I exploit my speech to invite every scholar to study these sciences in the Islamic view objectively and scientifically without biasing to any creed, multi-component, or team. People have the right on their leaders to help them live a luxury life. we live only once and every waste minute cannot be compensated.

AREES University will not spare any effort to spread this science to every one. Knowledge is the property to all human kind. We see in availing the chances and treating challenges great hopes to achieve global economical and social development through laying and achieving the fair justice between all living creature sharing this universe together. We provided the e-learning media, in AREES University, to make it easier for scholars to reach every one. We also established partner-centers to be (alternative campuses) to get geography closer to our students to make sure of reaching our services to them correctly. We are willing to expand with God’s help, including getting an international and national accreditations, and cooperating with inveterate universities and scientistic research centers around the world.

Prof. Samer Kantakji,


AREES University





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