Our Masters Program allows the student of knowledge to probe deeper into issues of finances, transactions and government. This program will focus on writing essays and a thesis. The first year is reserved for lessons and writing essays. The second and third year will be dedicated to developing and writing a thesis. The Degree program is built upon our Bachelor Degree to provide a continuous educational career.


There will be 8 subjects in the first academic year, 3 credit hours for each as follows:

  • The Financial System in Islam

  • The political system in Islam

  • History of Islam: The Tartar

  • Sciences of Hadith

  • Tafsir

  • Aqidah

  • Maxims of Fiqh

  • Term paper

Students decide which 4 subjects they will study each term, with comprehensive exams at the end of the year. There will be regular live classes to assist the students during this first year.


  •  The financial system in Islam: Required book: The book of Revenue ISBN -10: 1873938209 ISBN -13: 978 1873938201

  •  The political system in Islam: Required book: The ordinances of government. ISBN-10: 1859641407 ISBN – 13: 978 1859641408

  •  The history of Islam: Required book: The history of Islam vol. 3 ISBN: 9960-892-93-X (996089293X)

  •  Sciences of Hadith: A study of two books of Sahih Muslim: 1- The book of judgments 2- The book of hunting, sacrifice and what is eaten of animals.

  •  Tafsir: Tafsir Ayat Al Ahkam. Required book: Rawai’ al Bayan fi Tafsir Ayat Al Ahkam for sh. Muhammad Ali Assabouni. The book in Arabic and not translated to English yet so there is no book required. The translation will be provided by AREES.

  •  Aqidah: Required book: Commentary on Aqidah Tahawiyah Translated in University of Imam – Saudi Araiba. The book is 4 vols. could be downloaded from herehttp://www.islamhouse.com/pr/193219

  •  Maxims of Fiqh: Required book: The Mejelle: ISBN -10: 9839541129 ISBN -13: 978-9839541120

  •  Term paper: A minimum of 50 pages in One of 4 topics:

  1. A study of Arabic Literature: A critique of the book: The misers for Al Jahith, including the author, his life and the book.

  2. A study of the Hanafi school of thought regarding the book of Divorce( Chapters 74-76 pages 71-102 from the Book: Al Hidayah ISBN: 9780955235948

  3. A study of 10 chapters in hadith terminology from the book: An Introduction to the Sciences of Hadith ISBN: 185964158

  4. Aqidah: Critique to the book: A guide to conclusive proofs for the principles of belief. ISBN: 1859641571

(More details on the term paper will be given upon registration)

Requirements for earning Masters Degree in Islamic studies at AREES are:

  1. Studying the above subjects and passing with a minimum of 60%

  2. Having a Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies with a GPA of 2.5 or more. For those that have a Bachelor Degree in a different field, there will be the possibility of taking an enrollment exam.

  3. Understanding basic Arabic. (A student has to prove that he studied or is studying 2 levels of Arabic).

  4. Memorizing 5 Juz’s of Quran. (A student can join the program with a minimum memorization of 2 juz’s but has to finish all 5 by graduation).

  5. Writing and defending the dissertation. It can be done in 3 semesters.

A student can choose and topic and begin writing but it will only be defended after at least one year of finishing the first year of Masters.
A student can choose a supervisor for his dissertation who should have a Ph.D in Islamic Studies for at least 2 years. A list of available professors will be provided for students once they begin selecting their subjects.

  • 4- Paying the fees as follows:

  1. $1500 for the first year. Paid upon registration.

  2. $1000 for registration and writing the Dissertation. Paid for the two years after the first year of studied subjects.

  3. $1250 for graduation: This includes: Defense fees, supervision and discussion and certification.

  4. Total cost of the program: $3750.

Register for the Masters Degree Program here.





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