Our Guarantee of Quality

We aim to provide the best Islamic knowledge you could receive in a 3 year program! Our goal is that by the end of our program, you will be better educated than the general student who has studied Islam in a 4 year college. Arees university promises their students that after they finish the program, they will be as highly trained and knowledgeable than students who study for 4 years in many of the traditional Islamic universities throughout the world.

Our Ambition to be the Best

Arees University’s goal is to be the best Islamic university in the world. The focus of Arees university is not on the quantity of students, but the quality of our graduates. We admit only a limited number of students to our physical classes.

Knowledgable Faculty

All members of the academic faculty of Arees University have higher degrees in Islamic education. This guarantees the best training for our students. Shaikh Isam, who founded it, moreover, has a wide grasp not only of his specialties (Quran and Fiqh- especially inheritance) but all of the Islamic sciences, so the curriculum is well-designed and is taught in a format which is engaging yet does not water down the seriousness of studying. Arees students are expected to think for themselves, not just copy or follow. The students have these knowledgable instructors as mentors to guide them as they learn to conduct research and build their experience in Islamic ‘Ilm.

A Degree That Means Something

Arees University graduates leave with a Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies. But it is not a casual degree- it represents hard work and a consistent, thorough study of the basic sciences of Islam. Arees University is unique due to the quality of the curriculum. The subject and course material are carefully selected to make you a competent student of knowledge.

Innovative Teaching Methods

Arees University takes full advantage of the latest educational and training technologies. State-of-the-art education- that’s what Arees University believes in, and that’s what we provide for our students. Our facility comprises of theatre, conference, and university style rooms, plus a very professional student lounge area. All of them equipped with high speed internet access, video conferencing capabilities and advanced communication devices, make the learning experience at Arees one of its kind! If we can use technology to learn other sciences, why not use it to learn our most basic need, Islam.
We also utilize the moderns of the web to reach out to serious students who cannot physically attend the classes, but without watering down the benefits of the program. The online version stands to a par with the actual version.

Practical Solutions for Busy People on a Budget

We are located in one of Houston’s prime business districts, a central and easily accessible location. The University provides two flexible programs to meet your needs. Whether you are a student, or hold a full time job, we have a program tailored to you. Arees University offers this high quality, and individualized training program, at affordable rates. And if you cannot make it to our physical classes, the online version is an excellent alternative. We believe the door to education should not be closed for anyone who has the desire to learn.


“My experience with Arees University was amazing. The knowledge of the instructor and the structure of the program are excellent. The curriculum includes every aspect of Islamic knowledge.
It has changed me as a person and how I look at life Alhamdulillah. Also I am now confident about my religion and I am able to teach others without being hesitant. The knowledge has increased my Iman and self esteem. Made me a better parent and a better teacher. Alhamdulillah.” –Umm Marzuq

“Arees works great for me because I am a busy working mom and I can load the videos and watch them at my own time.
I have control of the amount of classes I take, which gives me the leverage to absorb the knowledge and not rush to just finish.”
Anonymous E-University student

“Arees is THE alternative for so many of us, who cannot go over seas for studies! It changed my life miraculously!!!
But let us be honest: it is Shaikh Isam and his magnificent deep knowledge of Islam- he is one of the few leftover scholars we have and I feel honored to have been able to listen to his teachings! He fascinated us about the authenticity of Hadeeth-narrations and humbled us by showing us the picky choice of a muhaddith, he let us Love our Rasool, cry during seerah and fall in love with fiqh and usool-al fiqh! And subhanAllah his aqidah class-curriculum is THE BEST  in America.
Please, please please, do NOT miss this opportunity of studying underneath such an amazing scholar of the time. Do it for the sake of knowledge, for the sake of going through beautiful, astonishing classic books, DO IT FOR ALLAH!! It is a life changing experience!!!
You will DEFINITELY NOT regret it! “ –Sister Haleema

“Jazak Allah Khayr for arranging the class today. alhamdulillah I was able to attend almost all of the session today apart from missing half an hour. My wife had to miss the last 2 hours or so. MashaAllah, I must say the whole experience is amazing!! When I first saw IN/Arees advertising there courses, I didn’t EVEN consider…..coz I was like, oh no, another copycat university lol (being honest here) But mashaAllah you guys have really proved everyone wrong and after Thanking Allah, I thank you and Sh Isam for making this whole thing a reality.
As you can see, I love this and I have a strong desire to not miss even a minute for the next 3 years inshaAllah (and I can say the same about my wife).” – Kamran Habib

“the benefit that I have found with Arees for this first week of attending Isam Rajab’s lectures has been by all means to me the most beneficial thing I have done since accepting Islaam, in terms of studying. Even attending The Purification Act did not bring me this much benefit (in 2 seminars) that I have gotten in 1 day with Arees . May Allaah bless him for this and for giving up his time for us, Aameen…” — Umm Layth

” I look at being a student of knowledge as a responsibility now. It started with AlMaghrib , and insha’Allah I’ll be continuing my classes there as well, but with Arees , the shaykh has reminded us all that being a student of knowledge means that if I’m going to excel and do the best that I can, I have to hold myself to a higher standard.

I remember listening to Shaykh Muhammad’s lectures, Under the Shade of the Scrolls in which he talks about how Imam Ahmad put water for the students to make wudu for qiyaam-ul layl, and was amazed when he woke in the morning and found that none of it was used, and he was amazed that they would claim to be students of knowledge and not pray qiyaam.
As I look at things I used to do in my life, little frivolous things by the standards of most, I now actively work to avoid those things. I remember when Yasir Birjas mentioned that in the first year at Madeenah U, the first year students were all into debating minor issues and so on, but if you looked at the senior most students, those types of debates and priorities were no longer continuing. I think I can see now how I was in that stage during the beginning years of my quest for knowledge and how AlMaghrib Institute weaned me away from the first year student mentality.
And now, with Shaykh Isam’s reminder that we ARE students of knowledge, I am beginning to feel the weight and burden of that responsibility. It’s changed the way I view myself in this world, and how I deal with each and every situation, either with personal issues, or with issues related to others. It’s an honor to have the priviledge, but it is also a heavy responsibility that must be borne and carried with the honor that our Ulamaa of the past have also done.
May Allah (SWT) make us among the best of those who exemplify the qualities and character of the best students of knowledge so that we may come closer to Allah (SWT) in love and benefit ourselves, our families, and our communities for both this world and al-akhira. Ameen. . ” – Siraaj Muhammad

” What I love about the class (and what makes it different in my opinion) is that it’s VERY serious. Shaikh doesn’t tell jokes, personal stories, etc. (you might smile once in a while) and the graphics, powerpoints etc. are just text- Quran, hadith, a few points. And yet soo interesting due to all the knowledge given by someone with a lot more experience and whom you have access to as a student. It just makes you sit up straight and try to be your best being in that type of environment- even the breaks are very short and no wasting of time. I don’t think even 1 picture was in the powerpoint. You have to take notes the old-fashioned way etc. Homework on an almost daily basis. Yet after all this the students (myself included) – we cannot wait for the next class. I believe Arees has somehow managed to create a unique blend of old-world teaching with new age technology combined with a balance between being mundane or flashy content.” – Fatima Hye

”Joining Arees’ Diploma in Islamic Studies was one of the best decisions I ever made. Learning in Islam is necessary for every Muslim but many of us don’t do it because we don’t think it’s possible to juggle work, family and pursue structured learning at the same time. Arees changed this perception not just for me but for hundreds of students and has left me wanting to continue learning and growing for the rest of my life. Sheikh Dr Isam played a crucial role in this, not just by bringing his dream to educate the masses to the shores of Malaysia, but by injecting in his students an enthusiasm for learning and an uncompromising insistence on quality of the beautiful knowledge of Allah. I’d highly recommend Arees to any aspiring student of knowledge and I’m confident that they will benefit tremendously from it.” –Mary-Ann Gooi

”AREES offers a comprehensive Foundation in Islamic Studies program, which introduces authentic Islamic knowledge in an academic structured syllabus. The modules are designed to educate any serious students of knowledge who would like to learn the knowledge of Islam from a qualified instructor Dr Isam Rajab. I particularly like about the classroom face-to-face method of learning. I have learned so much and have corrected some of the false information about Islam within the short duration of the course. I highly recommend AREES Islamic Studies programs especially to the newly revert to Islam. Being a revert myself, it is difficult to find English medium teacher and courses. The combination of AREES and Dr Isam offer many reverts an excellent opportunity to learn and practice Islam with the community. Not only Dr Isam is a qualified teacher, he is also an excellent mentor. I have learned so much from him to be a better Muslim with good akhlaq. I look forward to learn from him face-to-face in many years to come. ” –Adam Voo bin Abdullah, Oil and Gas Engineer

”Foundation in Islamic Studies

Arees Training Centre helped me to understand more on what have happened in society recently. To understand what and why people differs on the religion. Dr Isam Rajab taught us to be people in the middle, not behaving extreme in religion.” –Adi Palgunadi

”On the Value of the Courses
The various courses offered by AREES provide a structured and holistic method of understanding the deen of Islam for especially for busy professionals. The Foundation in Islamic Studies course not only provides an introduction to understanding the religion but helps the student appreciate the religion and separate the true teachings of Islam from cultural practices that are masked as religious practices which are prevalent within each society.   I have been very fortunate to have studied (and continue to study) under Dr. Isam Rajab. He is classically trained, graduating from the University of Madinah but has lived and worked in the US.  This combination allows him to teach the deen of Islam according to the Quran and Sunnah and helping us understand how we can modify the modern life to suit the religion.
Among the courses taught at the foundation level are:-
Quran selected themes in the sciences of the Qur’an and the Tafsir of selected verses/surahs
Fiqh of Hadith taught of sources of rulings and how the scholars extracted them
Fiqh in which the fiqh of Imam Shafie on the five pillars of Islam were taught
Seerah which not only taught the historical aspects on the Prophet’s PBUH life but the tribulations he faced and how he overcame them and how Muslims can adopt these lessons to recognise and combat the problems faced by present day Muslims
Pillars of eeman mentioned in the famous Hadith of Jibreel i.e. Iman in Allah, His Angels, His Books, His Messengers, the Last Day and the divine Decree

The advanced course offered took studying to the next level. In fiqh, we learned the different opinions of the various traditional scholars and the reason they arrived at those rulings. We also learned Laws of Inheritance.
Having completed the foundation and advanced course in Islamic Studies, I am currently enrolled in a special programme. Of all the subjects that I have studied, the most beneficial to me has been tafseer. Dr. Isam selects the ayah from the Quran where we can extract learnings from it to apply to our daily lives. The fact that more and more people, especially professionals, are enrolling to study at AREES is testament to the fact that the types of courses there are beneficial to many, especially working professionals. And it is the only centre that provides structured learning in the English language which allows many reverts and expat Muslims an avenue to learn the deen, as well as the Malaysians who are more comfortable learning in English.

About the Instructors

Dr Isam Rajab brings in a wealth of diverse knowledge of the deen and life due to the combination of his classical Islamic education and his experience working and living in the U.S. He is able to impart the knowledge of the religion distinctively, from how the various fiqh rulings were derived and how lessons from the seerah and Islamic Spain could be applied to us today. Dr. Isam also brings in lessons very rarely taught such as the debate between a well known Mu’tazillite and a humble ahlus sunnah. His teaching methods appeal to thinking discerning and insightful professionals, who want to be challenged.
” –Jalina Abdul Jalil


Enrolled into Diploma in Islamic Studies with my wife right after my first umrah trip in 2014 was the best decision we have ever made. Although born and raised a Muslim, I have never thought of the importance of seeking Islamic knowledge until I have children. Alhamdulillah this program has taught me the most fundamental principle in Islam and taught me to reflect the purpose of our existence, learn the basics on how to attain the pleasure of Allah in dunya, and preparation for the next phase in life, death and Akhirah.  This program, albeit known for its basic but authentic knowledge of Islam has a tremendous magnitude of impact in my family, Alhamdulillah. Upon completion, we have reprioritise our family goals and work our action plans based on the lessons from Quran and Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (pbuh). I have made major decisions in life guided by Al Quran and Sunnah and my level of reliance upon Allah in daily decisions is stronger with the knowledge I learned from this program. We raise our children based on knowledge we learn from this program and we hope as parents, we will help shape a better Muslim generation in future. I would recommend this program to all men and women, leader of a family as without authentic Islamic knowledge, we will not attain the best level of Islam in a Muslim.

Alhamdulillah for the rizq of knowledge from Allah and we make du’a to be steadfast in perfecting our character and Deen for His pleasure.
” –Hizamshol Huzairy

”As Muslims we are challenged by our Creator to think, earnestly search, reflect and learn. Too often, too many Muslims are unprepared to face the Islamophobic onslaught from cultural, political and academic discourses, but the courses offered by AREES in the Foundation of Islamic Studies and fortified by the courses at the advanced level arms the student with the proper tools and methodology to counter this onslaught by teaching substantive religious knowledge derived from authentic and correct sources of the deen. The structured and concise courses provided by AREES is a conducive forum to explore and ask, learn and grow.
Under the guidance of Dr Isam Rajab, I felt privileged to be included in this very type of thinking that is essential and fitting for our ummah to thrive and prosper. Dr Isam deconstructed what I knew down to its very core, and reconstructed it after challenging me, bringing together a refreshed and correct perspective of Islam. He challenges the student to think from a viewpoint that they have not reflected before and in the process reveals the intellectual and spiritual beauty of Islam and that Islam is a divine, balanced and perfect way of life.” –Halizah Tan Sri Abdul Halim

”I had always wanted to learn more about Islam, the fundamentals, the sciences exclusive to it, the methodologies and history, etc. The classes offered at Arees, under the guidance of Shaikh Shuayb, not only quenched my thirst for knowledge, I have also learned the best ways to apply that knowledge into my daily life. I was asked what i would do with a Diploma at this age? My reply is to learn, understand and to apply it for the betterment of my Deen, Duniya and Akhirah InsyaAllah.
” –Sharifah Aleya

”On the first day of classes at AREES for the Diploma in Islamic Studies Program Dr. Isam Rajab told us that formal Islamic Education is not about your exam grades or the certificate of completion at the end but rather how the knowledge acquired changes you to become a better Muslim.  He also reminded us that in any endeavour, it doesn’t matter how or where we start – it matters how we end the journey.  These 2 reminders stayed with me throughout my attendance at AREES and stays with me till this day.  I am grateful for the beautiful Islamic knowledge I learned but I am also grateful to AREES and Dr. Isam for being a part of my early days as a reverted Muslim.  Your lessons and reminders have set the tone of my life as a knowledge seeking Muslim striving on the Straight Path hoping for the best ending in this life.

I highly recommend all the courses offered at AREES.”
Aliza Kim





Established in 2006, AREES University is the first accredited Islamic education Institution with uploaded classes – both audio & video!

AREES University is an accredited Islamic Institution teaching Islamic Studies in a full degree format Live, online and through the E-University. Don’t deprive yourself of this opportunity – register today!

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